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TikTok, Eveminet Empower Kenyans with Digital Safety Training – The East Observer



TikTok, in collaboration with Eveminet, has provided digital safety training to 116,000 Kenyans since October 2023, aiming to reach all 47 counties by September 2024. Their partnership focuses on fostering a safer online environment through education and empowerment.

TikTok made an announcement on Thursday, revealing its collaboration with Nairobi-based Eveminet Communications Solutions Limited. Together, they have successfully provided digital safety training to an impressive 116,000 Kenyans since October 2023.

Fortune Mgwili-Sibanda, who serves as TikTok’s director of government and public policy for Sub-Saharan Africa, emphasized the broad engagement achieved through the training program. Participants included learners, parents, and educators spanning across 21 counties in Kenya.

Mgwili-Sibanda expressed TikTok’s commitment to further expanding the initiative. They aim to reach all 47 counties in Kenya by September 2024, ensuring nationwide access to essential digital safety education.

In a statement released in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, Mgwili-Sibanda underlined the significance of TikTok’s Safer Together campaign. This campaign prioritizes the voices of young people and aims to create a safer platform. TikTok is dedicated to bringing various stakeholders on board to achieve this goal.

Evelyn Kasina, CEO of Eveminet, highlighted the partnership’s overarching objective. Together with TikTok, they seek to cultivate a digital ecosystem grounded in trust, joy, and creativity for the TikTok community in Kenya.

Kasina emphasized the importance of empowering families and key stakeholders. By doing so, they aim to nurture a positive online space for youth and young adults, fostering a culture of safety and responsibility.

The collaboration between TikTok and Eveminet represents a concerted effort to address digital safety concerns in Kenya. Through their joint initiatives, they aim to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the online world safely and responsibly.

The success of the digital safety training program underscores the value of partnerships between technology companies and local organizations. By leveraging their respective expertise and resources, TikTok and Eveminet have made a significant impact on the digital literacy landscape in Kenya.

Looking ahead, TikTok and Eveminet remain committed to advancing their shared mission of promoting digital safety and well-being. Through continued collaboration and innovation, they strive to create a safer and more inclusive online environment for all Kenyan users of TikTok.

The collaboration between TikTok and Eveminet has empowered thousands of Kenyans with essential digital safety knowledge. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to fostering a positive online experience for TikTok users in Kenya and beyond.
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TikTok, Eveminet Empower Kenyans with Digital Safety Training

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