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Tommie Lee Suggests Katt Williams Should Embark on a Tour After Club Shay Shay Appearance


Everyone’s got something to say about CAD Williams having so much to say about so many celebrities on Shannon Sharp’s Club sh Shay show so much so in fact that many of these folks whether he mentioned them or not still decided to jump in and talk about how they’ve

Enjoyed this sling of takes from him moreover one of these is Tommy Lee who suggested that the comedian should go on a tour now that there’s a lot of new attention and drama surrounding him it’s very ra if Cat made a tour for everybody he just talked about she wrote on her

Instagram story around Thursday January 4th we need some comedy back in our lives and it’ll dismiss that old Kevin Hart video j/s shrugging Emoji but what do I know I’m just Tommy furthermore we’ll see if CAD Williams responds to these demands or if he’s just going to

Let social media do its thing for those unaware he blasted said the Entertainer and other comedians spoke on the Megan the stallion and Tor Lena’s case gave his thoughts on the Kanye West situation and chasti Diddy for his sexual assault accusations as for Tommy Lee she didn’t

Catch any smoke and hopefully that stays the same if the Cincinnati Ohio native finds out she’s a fan after all we know that she has a lot of struggles in her life that don’t warrant the microscopic Jabs of a media figure Tommy Lee’s idea for Cat Williams however not everyone is pleased

With Cat Williams statements Trick Daddy recently fired shots at him for putting other black people down listen man stop talking about other and asterisk asterisk asterisk as to be relevant in the game and Trend he expressed cuz you was trending today and I’mma Be trending tomorrow on your be

Asterisk asterisk asterisk ha asterisk asterisk and I’m with whatever you with n asterisk asterisk asterisk a and every n asterisk asterisk asteris a every comedian everybody who you told a story about got more money than me and you You On My Level be asterisk asterisk asterisk h a asterisk asterisk and

Asterisk asterisk asterisk a the joke on you P asterisk asterisk asterisk y a asterisk asterisk and asterisk asterisk asterisk a you ain’t funny uaf asterisk asterisk asterisk iing joke stop making fun of other and asterisk asterisk asterisk as Black Folk we have to stop belittling our brothers and sisters to get a

Platform to get shares to get likes to get views to Trend we have to stop meanwhile what do you think about The Love and Hip Hop alums proposition if Williams goes on tour do you think other comedians will be happy to support whatever the case let us know

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