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As Tory lanez’s sentencing date nears prosecutors have called for the rapper to be sentenced to 13 years in prison for shooting Megan the stallion in 2020. a sentencing memorandum obtained by hip-hop was filed on Tuesday June 6 and argued Tori’s campaign of misinformation via music and social media posts

Re-traumatized Megan in the weeks leading up to the December 2022 trial it also cited lanez’s unprovoked attack on August Alsina which took place backstage at a comedy show in Chicago last September prosecutors previously argued for a hefty sentence and said Tory real name Daystar Peterson demonstrated a high

Level of callousness and high degree of indifference for human life when he allegedly shot Meghan in the feat during a drunken dispute in July 2020 words have power and the pen is oftentimes mightier than the sword in this case Day star Peterson used both the memorandum read not content to have

Hurt the victim by use of his sword gun he also used his pen his online posts for nearly three years have re-traumatized the victim his online reaches worldwide millions of followers plus casual observers and the defendant’s statements embolden his followers so that they too have been complicit in re-traumatizing the victim

He is responsible for the effect of his words and his actions the memo also focused on Tori’s 2020 album Daystar which included multiple references to the shooting and argued the rapper was profiting from his crimes it also argued that Lane’s bombshell Jail phone call to Megan’s former friend

And assistant Kelsey Harris after the shooting was tantamount to a confession the defense argued unconvincingly at trial that the jail call and apology text were apologies about the defendant allegedly sleeping with both Miss Harris and the victim prosecutors wrote the entire jail call and apology text when viewed together with the other

Evidence presented at trial can only be rationally interpreted as an apology for the defendant shooting the victim the defendant admitted guilt as such his lack of remorse can be appropriately considered by this court as an aggravating Factor prosecutors also said lanes’s behavior following the shooting are legal aggravating factors that make him

Ineligible for probation as his conduct both online and elsewhere have shown him to be incapable of supervision the court may also consider the defendant’s lack of remorse as a basis to deny probation the memo read the defendant has failed to exhibit any remorse which begs the question whether

Any of the apologies he directed to the victim in his text message and jail call were genuine a except for the jail call of mission and his apology text to the victim back in July 2020 the defendant has spent nearly three years since that time waging a campaign of misinformation to

Re-traumatize the victim Tory Lanez not only lacks remorse he is clearly incapable of accepting any responsibility for his own actions it continued the defendant’s lack of remorse is Insidious leaving this court no assurances that the defendant will not repeat this type of behavior in the future the filing comes amid Tory lanez’s fight

To disqualify judge Hereford who rejected his motion for a new trial last month and presided over the rapper’s two-week trial back in December the second district court of appeal Division III in Los Angeles has yet to make a decision on lanez’s petition which accuses judge Hereford of bias for

Denying him a new trial if judge Hereford sides with the prosecution the Canadian rapper could potentially be sentenced to a maximum of 22 years and eight months in prison when he learns his Fate on June 13

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