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TRANSFER NEWS: Real Madrid, Liverpool unwilling to pay €150 million for Jude Bellingham


All right uh thank you for tuning in to uh my YouTube channel my name is um Sao tinta and um own me on set today I’m having my brother um kayongo Dennis he’s a sports scholar he’s a sports commentator and um when we talk about sports I think he’s the right

Person we should uh look for you can check him on his social handles at Dennis kayongo at YouTube Tick Tock Twitter Facebook anywhere today um there is an issue between Jude Bellingham Real Madrid Liverpool and uh and and so let me read this story that I got

From hard taco then we dive into uh the real discussion of today’s show uh Jude Bellingham has been linked with a move away from Borussia Dortmund at the end of the season with real Madrid and Liverpool interested according to reports from the ceer Real Madrid and Liverpool are unwilling to meet the one

150 a million price start for uh to sign youth building I’m in the summer transfer window but it’s unclear if uh Brusha Dortmund are willing to lower their their asking price for those that are on the screen that is due to Birmingham for you so uh let me see let

Me see let me see yeah um let me put Jude Bellingham for you so that we can talk about the person that I’m really uh giving you the information about subscribe to this channel as early as you can so that you don’t miss out uh crucial uh crucial information team news

Probable lineup and uh critiquing over the matches plus giving uh analysis about uh current matches that are moving on in the Premier League on the local scene and um at various platforms the person you’re seeing on your screen is Jude Bellingham and I’m giving you some news highlights about

Him Liverpool and Real Madrid who are the big men when it comes to the world of buying and selling uh footballers the 19 year old Englishman is one of the most promising talents young talents in the world and it could be a quality addition to both sides meaning Liverpool

And Real Madrid however the asking price is quite Steep and uh Dortmund will have to agree on a compromise apparently Bellingham wants to join a club in the UEFA Champions League so uh Real Madrid are well positioned to secure his Services Liverpool are currently sits in

The league table and they need to beat in test competition to score a top uh four finish the report claims that Real Madrid have met with the players entrance twice and have extensive talks regarding the summer move Premier League champions Manchester are thought to be considering a move for the

19 year old as well but they’re not willing to pay the asking price and a keen uh tabs on Chelsea mate kovacic as an alternative Liverpool are looking to the other midfielder options as well as and it remains to be seen how the situation develops so I bring in my

Brother kayongo to really give me some insights on why uh Jude Bellingham can play in Liverpool or play with Mario Madrid which which uh key number will he be playing all position which team can he fit really fit in uh so that when these guys are really paying for his Services is

Um he’s a quiet player to be in the team Manchester United want wanted him Arsenal wanted him now it is between Real Madrid and Liverpool so kayongo hi to the viewers then we start from there why is Jude Bellingham so expensive well uh first and foreign foreign Manchester City who joined Manchester United uh let you know when you look at this announcements we just outline one player okay young players right now which are on the top of their performance okay worldwide okay But uh the question is why is baby booming down so expensive like to that far okay when you look at the ability plus his stage his 19 year old youngster okay position in the football are playing in the middle front he is playing as a box to maximally holder okay that means

You can different you can control You can also create the chances when you stroke us to assist but when the stroke accounts go you can also score the goals okay um briefly um very many people so light um with Jordan Sancho in Russia Dortmund don’t you think it can be the same case

For Jude Bellingham if his boat uh to Liverpool or Real Madrid he may not give out results the way we see Jordan Sancho foreign foreign Center okay who was playing with uh Barcelona the Knights of Zidane but they can also create chances and I will look at the Modern football right now actually he’s one of the best performers right now in the military that’s why he is so expensive so but okay okay sorry

Okay yeah it’s just uh we look at uh the question is we still will foreign For Madrid um which position will Jude Bellingham play is it for uh because you know Benzema is aging out do you think um will feature in um benzema’s place all this no crochet player he’s called Luka Modric huh um first and foremost delivering them is exactly play okay foreign

I will look at Madrid has like a seven minute leaders that is playing right now my baby they have our first performance they have anybody uh that young boy that young Talent he’s so many boy they have um they have a camera the French defenses they have such money

The patience again they are all played in the middle court and they have uh he’s also playing in the military okay okay But he has been right now he has improved his performance according to the to his last performance when he came to us on the law okay the Children that wants to go in his own home country okay he wants to go to England yet he wants to play for the Champions League uh team that feature in the Champions League do you think Liverpool can battle him yet the number 16 the table This season uh uh they say that now they are calling Salah he’s called Miss penult so there are actually uh when you see Liverpool are against Bournemouth okay but uh at the last weekend they played against Manchester United and they won the civil respect uh Liverpool which which one Manchester

United by Saving will to come at the next significant police against a certain team like both because Okay um thank you so much and uh guys please follow kayongo anywhere on Facebook he’s on Twitter yes um I would like to continue with one thing okay where where I can see uh actually building them before if it’s Champions League Manchester City building that can be in Real Madrid

But if it’s about love building them in Germany because the truth is giving them legs to play once again remember because he is a leader who supporter he is a Liverpool fan you know yeah like Um So it means there will be about we are giving them can play with the likes of familiar be like so good Anderson actually against Liverpool it’s it’s exactly who will start up but when will the building that goes to Manchester City or Liverpool my brother I’m telling you if you believe

That we will have to wait okay they have good players and they like some um which I prove everybody Said that she can wait or kiss me for this same time but when he wins in Liverpool I’m telling you he research and I think at the end of the summer transfer window will be building Liverpool but I think for the veterans of his football we will have James Liverpool okay thank you so much uh let’s pray because let’s pray uh Liverpool does that overhaul you are talking about uh every player that goes and you know they live a flat platform for Jude to uh feature in all

Liverpool games and um I think there’s just a chance uh in Real Madrid to win trophies uh though you can be a you can’t be a king of football when you’ve not played in the the Premier League so let’s play uh let’s pray for you to uh

To come to the Premier League and choose a better team for him so that he’s done like his brother Sancho uh for me and the team that’s why they say uh that’s why the Cristiano fans say that uh Ronaldo is bigger than Mexico because yeah okay thank you for me and the team

Uh I would love to say uh uh goodbye good morning anyway you’re watching this video subscribe so that you get more of the information Sports entertainment and breaking news

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