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Travis Scott Amplifies Playboi Carti Collaborations with Energetic Performances


Two of the biggest rappers in the world right now just continue to reach New Heights every day it seems Travis Scott is still riding high from the release of his widely celebrated album Utopia just a couple of days ago he put out some NSFW visuals for one of the

Wildest bangers on the record Topia twins with up and coma Rob 49 and 21 Savage then just a short time before that he hopped on Playboy cardi single bacr 00 MS that song is presumably going to make its way to card’s upcoming record music the Georgia rapper has been

Dropping track after track on social media and YouTube sending his fans into a frenzy even as elusive as cardi is the moment he drops anything The Vamps come out and droves to support that is how you know he remains in high demand obviously Travis knows this and he has great love and respect

For him Travis brings Playboys B KR 0000 Ms and 2024 to life to show his support Scott decided to put on a wild performance of their newest collab at a recent Utopia tour stop you can check out the Rowdy display in the Twitter link then in the Instagram video the

Houston native plays DJ at a club one of the songs he spun was the song that got the roll out started for cardi 2024 had the crowd rocking as well what are your initial thoughts on Travis Scott performing Playboy cardies bacr 00 Ms at a show and spinning 2024 in the club are

These the two best tracks from card’s upcoming album music why or why not will this upcoming project be his best one yet is bacr 00 Ms his and Scott’s best collaboration ever we would like to hear what you have to say about all of this

With that in mind be sure to leave all of your hottest take in the comment section below

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