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Trina Praises Lil Wayne & Missy Elliott As Greats


Trina spoke highly of both Lil Wayne and Missy Elliott while speaking with hip hop DX at one Music Fest in Atlanta for a recently published interview despite their engagement falling through in the 2000s Trina still appreciates Wayne and described him to the outlet as one of the greats as for

Missy Elliot she explained that she’s among the top tier of female artists just way when he first started Wayne was always a different kind of artist Trina said he was very passionate and very con assistant he had a different sound different voice from any other artist any other male rapper in

The game his hunger just showed just from a very young age I just kind of watched him grow into Lil Wayne from baby Wayne to the fireman to growing and growing and that was just a good thing because he’s a great person and a great artist he’s one of the greats Trina and

Missy Elliot meet up in NYC dinner honoring Missy Elliot and amp Lil Kim New York New York July 11th Missy Elliot and Trina at dinner honoring Missy Elliot and Lil Kim julan Club on July 11th 2016 in New York City photo by Sheriff z/ Getty Images as who who else deserves their

Flowers Trina went with Missy Elliott I’mma always shout out to Missy Elliot because she’s the top tier of us of the females Our Generation she said I mean besides just being a rapper being an artist a writer a producer she’s written for some of the biggest stars in the

World like Whitney Houston Beyonce Mary J blig Mariah Carey the list goes on and it’s just one of those things being a woman coming up in that time and being a super powerful woman amongst just being an artist and a Pioneer it speaks for itself you can just watch everything she

Do whether it’s music production or concerts SL shows whatever it’s going to be phenomenal speaks on Lil Wayne and Missy Elliot elsewhere in the interview Trina discussed being in the studio with Missy and more she’s worked on music with both artists numerous times over the years check out Trina’s full comments on both

Lil Wayne and Missy Elliot above be on the lookout for further updates on

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