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Trump’s Alleged Mistress Karen McDougal Spills Details On Affairr


Karen McDougall was just a Pre-K teacher who entered a swimsuit contest that was the first domino in a chain that lead all the way to the 2016 presidential election that swimsuit contest led to a Playboy test shoot with veteran photographer David Mesi eventually McDougall would end up as both Miss December 1997 and

1998’s Playmate of the Year according to McDougall she first met Donald Trump at the Playboy Mansion in 2006. that would lead to a 10-month affair that ended in 2007. for context Trump married his third wife Melania in 2005. McDougall initially told friends about the affair but the story largely stayed

Out of the mainstream news that was until Donald Trump announced he was running for president this led Ami the parent company of right-wing media Outlet National Enquirer to conduct an hours-long interview with McDougall furthermore McDougall was paid 150 000 for her story but National Enquirer never published the story

Now McDougall has given an exclusive interview to the Daily Mail mcdougall’s First comments to the mail were a reassertion that the affair did indeed happen his people have denied it but he’s never denied it she said a reporter asked him did you have an affair with Karen McDougall and all he

Said was I’ve done nothing wrong he knows I’m telling the truth furthermore as she has claimed in the past their fling was more than casual I was in love with him he was in love with me I know that because he told me all the time

He’d say you’re my baby and I love you he showed me off to his friends I’m portrayed as the disgruntled woman but I am not that woman I ended it she says however the most notable of mcdougall’s comments were ones that painted Trump in a brand new light

Trump has always been dismissive of the women he engaged in extramarital dealings with he called porn star Stormy Daniels horse face while calling journalist e Carol Jean who has accused Trump of rape a whack job he followed me around like a puppy dog trying to get my attention she says

He took to me so much that the bunny mother said wow he really has a thing for you I was saying goodbye and he was standing next to his bodyguard Keith Schiller and he said Keith get her number the former president is yet to respond to the new interview in

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  1. @lorieholleman1414 says

    Personally I’m just fed up with all this crap. We didn’t vote for a pope to lead our country we didn’t vote for a cardinal or some freaking saint. We voted for a businessman who knew what the heck he was doing and by God he kept his word which is more than all the other presidents that I’ve lived through have done they’ve all been a bunch of promising liars. President Trump was not give it a rest

  2. @betsydonis5134 says

    He's not a P3D0 like many Politicians. Americans are NOT looking for a SAINT, Americans are looking for a real Patriot that loves this Country and that's Donald Trump 🤔

  3. @journeybrook9357 says

    Really! Not.

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