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Tyler the Creator has set the record straight regarding him allegedly dising Kanye West on stuntman a song from his latest project call me if you get lost the estate sale during an appearance on the Rap Radar podcast the Grammy winner explained how he felt when fans assumed he was dissing

Mr West in his last verse on the Vince Staples assisted track which he clarified was not the case looking to clear up the confusion Tyler broke down his disrespectful verse and explained who the lyrical darts were really aimed at I’ve seen fans saying on the last verse

Of stuntman people were like oh he’s talking about Kanye he said and I’m like you guys are stupid and have terrible comprehension skills I would never disrespect like no I love that anger that is not about him it’s actually about the rest of the world when I say wipe your feet on that

Doormat before you speak again people just being Hypocrites and I say how you tell us that you real but you stay off the meds by stay off the meds I mean people be out here on every drug in the world talking about their real anger and

Their 100 and it’s like that’s a lie you’re drugged up right now you sound stupid how you got no house keys but you show off the tech and in the background I say priorities I’m seeing a lot of folks just not really having a place to live

Or a means of transportation but they iced out and I’m like man these priorities are crazy he continued and then I say how you call that girl a hoe but got 10 baby mamas I hate the double standard people have on grown women having sex and being a

adult that is weird and angers be out here having kids that they don’t even take care of and everything but have the nerve to call someone a hoe engas sound stupid and then I say how you claim you free thinking but be preaching the Bible again it’s back to my original thought

Where it’s like anchors be doing this and that slanging drugs shooting people but as soon as you put an upside down cross-off they wanna be like John Psalm 7.3 said Moses and I’m like bro you are a hypocrite then I say all you ass end cause

Think you so damn hard slash cause you got a big blower anger you ain’t God anger’s flashing the guns and really thinking they’re God and it’s like bruh we eat and breathe the same and then I say while got the same cars you’ll the same girls you’re got

The same watch say the same threats you’ll take the same picture slash you all the gay ones you’re doing that to impress those Enders and you see angers get into certain girls and doing all this just so Angus can be like damn he hard he a real anchor

But as soon as a end could kiss another anger it’s like or this Ender gay and being all that but it’s like you doing all this for the approval of other encas you don’t know you’re actually the gay one trying to impress these males it’s also crazy to me and people read

That and thought I was talking about ye I’m like are you all stupid look at everyone you’re listening to that’s who I’m talking about Tyler the Creator concluded by emphasizing his love and admiration for Kanye West who he thanked for clearing the sample for John Legend’s Heaven

Which he produced so Tyler could wrap over it on Heaven to Me I really wanted to clear that up so it’s not no article thinking that I’m saying some about someone who I dearly love and happy cleared that heaven for me sample he added that pocket when you

Was doing John Legend’s once again and Commons he is super good so to all you kids who only listen to donda Because rap caviar told you

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