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Uganda’s Bureau of Statistics faces a $13 billion deficit in preparing for the 2024 National Population and Housing Census, despite government funding. Executive Director Chris Mukiza is seeking solutions, including reallocating funds, to bridge the gap and ensure comprehensive census coverage.

KAMPALA, (Examiner) – Amidst rigorous preparations for the impending 2024 National Population and Housing Census, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) confronts a pressing financial hurdle. Despite a government allocation of Shs 320.8 billion, the projected budget of Shs 333.9 billion presents UBOS with a deficit of Shs 13 billion, potentially impeding the seamless execution of census operations.

In an exclusive interview, Chris Mukiza, the Executive Director of UBOS, shed light on the financial predicament, remarking, “We have received 320.8 billion from the Government of Uganda. However, our budget requirement stands at 333.9 billion, leaving us with a shortfall of Shs 13 billion.”

Mukiza detailed one proposed remedy, which involves reallocating funds from other budgetary sectors. He emphasized, “We have formally approached the Ministry of Finance, seeking approval to repurpose funds from the primary budget to bridge this gap.”

Furthermore, UBOS has earmarked Shs 5.2 billion for crucial post-census activities, aiming to mitigate the funding deficit and ensure comprehensive census coverage.

Despite the fiscal obstacles, Mukiza expressed tempered optimism, remarking, “In general, we are content with the current funding level and the progress achieved in preparatory endeavors.”

Nevertheless, he underscored the urgent imperative to address the funding gap to satisfy the needs of districts clamoring for supplementary resources, particularly for recruitment purposes.

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Uganda’s Census Prep Hindered by $13Bn Funding Gap: UBOS

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