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Uganda gets new internet service provider


A new broadband internet service provider named CanalBox  has entered the Ugandan market with a promise to democratize broadband internet .“With a speed of 200 Mbps for only Shs200,000 in terms of price, speed and value for money, we are convinced it will be game-changing. CanalBox will now enable a large number of Ugandan families to connect to animated high-speed internet in their homes,” the Managing Director of GVA, Jean-François Duboy said during the launch.Chief Executive Officer, Julius Kayoboke said  that when they entered the Ugandan market, there were only 30,000 homes in Uganda connected to fibre internet compared to Kenya’s 600,000.He said for the 11 months so far, 5,000 homes have been covered with a projection of another 500,000 homes in Kampala within three to four years.This he said will go a long way in seeing a reduction in prices for internet.According to the company, it offers two fiber optic internet plans including the start  which is 50 Mbps and Premium (200 Mbps), suitable for basic and heavy internet users respectively.The plans are priced at Shs110,000 and Shs200,000 per month respectively, adding that its internet plans are ideal for businesses, homes, and schools that require reliable internet access for streaming, video conferencing, and other demanding applications.Speaking during the launch, the deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa welcomed the new player in the Ugandan market.“The entry of such a giant player in Uganda is a vote of confidence in our government and its business-friendly policies, country, and people,” Tayebwa said.“We  look forward to seeing the impact you will make in growing broadband internet prevalence in Uganda.”

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