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Uganda Has Alot Of Noise Makers Than Musicians , Here is the Full List


Huh foreign Wanga China available foreign foreign foreign Foreign foreign 19 Foreign foreign [Laughter] Juliana today your name because [Laughter] Thank you come on okay um bogus music is Live band music foreign Nigeria again derived from Productions almost thousands of dollars production um Research For the basics they have Inspirations and mostly Inspirations is it coming up from from different directions value um yeah balance Music Revolution music together there was another Revolution Have music singing vocals they are very different music song there is a good song and there is good music it’s describing different items but in Africa or cancer I not go to music but it’s not a good song it’s not a good song why because there is another song

Was highly Rich if at all we could mute the instrumentation of philippaya um [Applause] do you think it would be it would be the same song um hmm of Productions I I give credit to a producer who produced that song music right from Nepali meritsube foreign um there is always

Uganda Ugandan Ugandan listeners music listeners baby um that has brought sweet baby um all right foreign 0.99 um right now music but music is music is a feeling you you you you yo yo balance you know they’re living lavish lives I tell people that Kenzo is the best artist in Uganda why not because he sings too much but he does too much foreign Foreign foreign singer Bye music producers Trend again about music uh directors different radio stations By Radio presenters but but to make something great something correct in Uganda we don’t have music managers so you never promoter we have music supervisors let me give you an example good manager is this is a music

Supervisor but when we we are speaking of management we are speaking of swags Avenue as the names Avenue is a manager when we are looking at someone who is looking at um Uganda foreign does that mean the industrial Affair music industry um no opting something old it means there

Is a deficiency that is an appetite of some things auntie foreign foreign um foreign foreign okay hey wait what is do you really have that song um foreign foreign It’s a blood but can it happen but in imagination you can really think that is really tell you too send that soon research foreign foreign it’s the same Communications generation Um Foreign message yes let me give you an example people um a second so I’ve been trying to be company by the way what about the interior it is Foreign They gotta get them watching foreign ER free economy okay um Extremely talented Um foreign foreign foreign foreign Foreign Foreign Good guys Um message Um Um Foreign Foreign foreign Urban too today Foreign foreign away radio that is [Applause] foreign Foreign foreign Foreign Africa foreign Jerry videos Foreign Quality is Foreign Foreign foreign Foreign foreign foreign foreign the programming identifying a clientele foreign This is because of sympathy so um Um [Applause] music questions foreign Your name so the management yeah management Trina you hire a manager or a manager hires you foreign foreign Foreign foreign foreign how comes to the music industry is silent on such a crucial matter around um foreign foreign Of which the industry being corrupt it needs a lot of funding and you may find that people are looking now in different ventures of getting money homosexuality is one of them Uganda we Africans we like show tickets foreign Foreign foreign A musician has Authority but the government had a more Authority foreign Foreign foreign they’re fighting a small goat yeah foreign Foreign United States foreign A series um it is it’s soccer but it is soccer but now you’re gonna have a favor okay um Um tweet okay okay um Academy foreign Foreign foreign Foreign foreign foreign Qualified Pushed again foreign a vacuuma over everyone alone foreign Bamboo whatever Music Kati Navy regulated Um industry [Laughter] Do you do that are you getting it yeah Um shows yeah Metro Wanji yes foreign Why is that the difference foreign foreign Hello you too um Foreign Everybody foreign Foreign Thank you Program s yesterday Papa yes listen foreign Foreign Thank you hello everybody Oh it is Foreign Thank you Thank you exactly Because um foreign Thank you foreign

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