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Ugandan Artists Are Better Than Nigerian Artists But – JOHN K THE WRITER , UGANDA ONE


Until while your other avenues in the la ninji uh is taking the over but i strongly believe in tea media uganda yeah uh we took it off my channel Um Let’s go back to the drawing board to mania let’s begin being very intentional about content to go today these people that they must have been intentional in chicago Do you think we have the artists boundaries Then be intentional and go africa curry international maybe that’s still just gonna be on your your boundaries is so if you can use that no color content involving very intentional music i am going somewhere once again so you know very comfortable um uh uh music outlets once again but again

There is anti-azawi alone being that you’re creating a content way hey tamara children one across singapore well um one head or two heads are better than one or second she’s talented again chameleon comedian is Promoters So about the content created by media personalities so we need a collective understanding of course together don’t do this don’t do this but singer about one maniac now

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1 Comment
  1. @muvawalacontent says

    Abayimbi bawano betusubira nti alina obusobozi bwa sente
    Okwongera okola ebilungi
    Like nga okugula machines
    ezikola music ali kumutindo
    Ogenda okuwulira nti ate enyimba ze ye azitwala Tz oba
    Ye yezibira kalina ye there not ready to take Ugandan music to
    the next level AM NEXT

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