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Uganda’s President approves harsh anti LGBTQ law


President yoweri kaguta museveni has ascended to the anti-homosexuality bill recently passed by parliament effectively outlawing gay acts in Uganda this was revealed by Speaker of parliament Anita among on Monday May 29 2023 in a statement among hailed the president and the MPS for answering the cries of ugandans to protect the

Sanctity of the family as the parliament of Uganda we have answered the cries of our people we have legislated to protect the sanctity of family as per article 30 one of the Constitution of Uganda we have stood strong to defend our culture and aspirations of our people as per objectives 1924 of national

Objectives and directive principles of State policy she said I thank his Excellency the president for his steadfast action in the interest of Uganda with a lot of humility I thank my colleagues the members of parliament for withstanding all the pressure from bullies in doomsday conspiracy theorists in the interest of our country

By their action we have lived by our motto for God and our country the speaker of parliament urged the law enforcement agencies to work towards putting the law into practice we shall always stand for and promote the interest of the people of Uganda I now encourage the duty bearers under

The law to execute the Mandate bestowed upon them in the anti-homosexuality act the people of Uganda have spoken and it is your duty to now enforce the law in a fair steadfast and firm manner she said the bill was first passed March 21st 2023 but was returned by the

President the committee on legal and parliamentary Affairs reviewed the concerns and proposals made by the president regarding distinguishing between being a homosexual and actually engaging in Acts of homosexuality the president said the law should be clear so that what is being criminalized is not the state of one having a deviant

Proclivity but rather the actions of one acting on the deviants or promoting the same on the duty to report acts of homosexuality under Clause 14 the president expressed concern that the Clause presented constitutional challenges and created unnecessary contradictions and duties which pose implementation challenges and conflicts in society

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  1. @xeno246 says

    God bless Uganda for taking a stand against this abomination.

  2. @willgaston3726 says

    If you don't like Ugandan laws, get out of Uganda. Simple.

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