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UPC applauds Muslim fraternity for preaching peace and coexistence


By Jumah Kakomo

The opposition Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has applauded Muslim fraternity for preaching peace and appreciating the spirit of coexistence. 

This was disclosed by the party President Jimmy Akena on Monday this during an iftar dinner masterminded by UPC at Naguru Mosque Kasente in Nakawa division Kampala where also food items were donated to them to celebrate Eid Al-Fitir tomorrow Wednesday.

Food items included Rice, cooking oli, Soap, maize flour among others.

Akena was escorted  by the party Secretary General Fred Ebil, deputy secretary general Bakabulindi Kigongo, head of media and communications Faizo Muzeyi, Sulait Kalema in charge security at the UPC headquarters Kampala among others.

Akena and his company was received by the Mosque deputy Imam Sheikh Abdul Razak Ahmed, and chairman Sheikh Abudallah Godo.

During his remarks,  Akena noted that people should know that ecoexistence is the way to go if economic, social and political developments is to happen in any society.

Akena also described Islam a religion of peace that also talks about equity, charity, giving saying all this is spirit of UPC.

“UPC is a party that believes in peace as it is clearly stipulated in Islam, we shall always keep on liaising with our Muslim brothers and sisters as well as supporting them in various aspects and this is the reason why we always together even in the party leadership”. Akena said.

He adds that as UPC, their emphasis is to see that there is equitable opportunities to every citizen of Uganda 

The party secretary general Fred Ebil thanked  all Muslims for fasting the holy month of Ramadan, however he appealed them to continue behaving in a way they have been exposing during Ramadan despite it has reached its climax.

He disclosed that as UPC party, their emphasis is to see that there’s Equitable opportunities to every citizen of Uganda. 

The Mosque deputy Imam Abdul Razak Ahmed thanked UPC for what they have done to Muslims fraternity and thanked Akena for leading the party with integrity.

He says whoever feeds others will always be blessed by ALLAH/God

UPC applauds Muslim fraternity for preaching peace and coexistence

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