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Use Culture to Promote Security – Minister Nabakooba Urges


The Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Hon. Judith Nabakooba, has urged a cohort of police officers attending a Senior Command course at the Police Senior and Staff College in Bwebajja to use culture in the promotion of the nation’s security. The minister was today presiding over a cultural gala organized by the students at the Police College in Bwebajja. The gala was convened under the theme: Harnessing cultural diversity for national security.The minister emphasized the importance of culture in promoting national security, highlighting the strength that lies in Uganda’s diversity. She noted that cultural diversity helps in understanding and appreciating different perspectives, enhances adaptability, fosters resilience, and builds a stronger, more resilient society.She also acknowledged the crucial role played by the Uganda Police Force and other security agencies in preserving and promoting cultural diversity within the law. The minister emphasized that national security is not just about military strength but also about the unity and resilience of the people, and that celebrating cultural diversity helps build stronger, more cohesive communities.By embracing and celebrating our cultural diversity, we build a stronger, more resilient society, better equipped to address security challenges and promote peace and stability.“I do acknowledge the important role the Uganda Police Force specifically and other security agencies play in preserving and promoting cultural diversity within the confines of the law. Your dedication to serving and protecting our communities is a testament to the values that we hold dear as Ugandans,” she added.National security is not just about military strength; it is about the unity and resilience of our people. By embracing and celebrating our cultural diversity, we build stronger, more cohesive communities. These communities are the bedrock of our national security, providing the social fabric that binds us together in times of peace and adversity alike.The gala event was a success, with students showcasing the importance of social values like respect, cooperation, and community in building a harmonious society.Giving her remarks, ACP Alungat Barbara, the Acting Commandant of the Senior Command and Staff College, Bwebajja, expressed gratitude to the Uganda Police top management and the college control board for their guidance and direction.The event was well-attended by senior officers, including the Director of Human Resource Development, SCP Moses Kafeero, SCP Bamunoba Ubaldo, the Force’s Chief Political Commissar, and other senior officers.

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