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Wack 100 Reveals Dice Game Altercation Between Offset and 42 Dugg Sparked Lil Baby Beef


Offset punching 42 Doug over a dice game sparked his beef with Lil Baby according to wack 100 appearing on his 100 ENT show the controversial Music Manager made a number of claims about the feud and said he witnessed the scuffle which took place 3 years ago before Doug blew

Up I was there I watched it got in the middle of it stopped it he said it would have blazed that night over dice if it wasn’t for whack that Enga would have been in the morg that night I told Doug you all the way wrong wack 100 then

Proceeded to detail how the two rappers played games of dice for thousands of dollars per hand with Doug frequently losing things apparently went left when Doug wanted to stop playing according to wack offset told the Detroit native as long as it’s my dice you got to shoot

But Doug walked out of the studio leading to a confrontation between the two offset did it like a gang went in Doug’s Pockets took his money and fired on Doug oneon-one W bow you got me [ __ ] up he recalled I grabbed 42 Doug told his little homies

Y’all put that up offet go back in the studio offet had his little goons with him they wasn’t budging I said offet you know there’s gone beell to pay come the morning we were at QC Studios what said he was able to break up the fight before things escalated

Saying the scuffle could have turned into a shootout with multiple fatalities this was like right before Doug sparked he wouldn’t have been around for a spark offset and some of his people would have been dead QC Studios would have been under investigation he said wack 100 later

Claimed that the incident is how the whole beef started between offset and L baby due to 42 Doug being signed to baby’s 4 PF imprint in 2020 it was rumored that offsets and Lil baby’s respective Crews got into a scuffle resulting in the former’s chain being snatched However Baby shut down the

Speculation by calling it fake news on social media the pairs of parot Rift also made headlines last year after the my turn hitmaker appeared to take a shot at offset amid the Migos rappers legal battle with Quality Control music to whom baby is also signed in a video

Posted by QC CEO Pierre P Thomas Lil Baby could be heard in in the background saying The Show Must Go On while the both of them laughed offset later settled his lawsuit with quality control which stemmed from a dispute over the rights to his solo work when quizzed

About his reported falling out with his label mate and the rest of the Migos months later Lil Baby once again brushed off the chatter hell no he said during an interview with posted on the corner I don’t even want to comment on that type of stuff I feel like when I comment on

Something it makes it bigger first of all I really don’t see [ __ ] on the internet people send me [ __ ] and I be wanting to comment but then I feel like that’s just going to make it even more but they know I ain’t got nothing going on

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