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We have been with Kanyamunyu since 2020 – Prisons speak out – UG Standard



Kampala – The Uganda Prisons Authority has dismissed rumors that Business man Mathew Kanyamunyu who was sentenced to 5 years in prison has been enjoying luxurious life outside Prison.
Mathew Kanyamunyu (in long sleeved shirt) at High court in 2020 after receiving his sentence.
Kanyamunyu who who was convicted of Manslaughter by High court in 2020 on Friday completed serving his sentence and regained back his freedom.
According to Prisons spokesperson Frank Baine Mayanja, Kanyamunyu has not served the five years period because of the remission he has received from the Prisons administration as a result of his good character.
“It’s a reward given to a prisoner as a result of discipline and hard work during his stay in prison. This doesn’t apply to people sentenced to life , sentenced to death or person sentenced to stay in prison for entire life, hebitual offender, debtor or those sentenced by court for preventive arrest and sentence of one month and below.”
About Kanyamunyu’s stay in prison facilities, Baine revealed that he has been treated like any other prisoner while in custody dismissing rumors that he has been residing outside Prison for the period he had to serve in prison.
“Whoever is doubting, I am here to empathize it that he has been with us since 2020. Its unfortunate that those doubting it have never produced any body who was sentenced and he was found in the community.”
Baine further added that once they receive any convict or suspect, they keep them in their custody until the right time.
High court Judge Steven Mubiru sentenced city Businessman Mathew Kanyamunyu to 5 years and one month in jail after convicting him of Manslaughter of Kenneth Akena a social worker on his own guilty plea.
This has followed the conclusion of Plea bargain agreement between Kanyamunyu and the representatives from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP)
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We have been with Kanyamunyu since 2020 – Prisons speak out

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