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What You Missed At The Uganda Expo in Moscow Russia


All right uh welcome to this channel my name is Tita de agresias hopefully you’re very okay and today we into the world of Russia and Ugandan communication all connection so uh the ambassador of Uganda had an expo organized in Russia and the organic food that products movement from Uganda is

Gaining momentum as Ugandan exhibitors uh introduced to a new market at the Uganda Expo organized by the Ugandan Embassy in Russia sample nutritious foods such as avocado pineapples oranges and others were exhibited nearly 30 Pro producers and companies participated at the Uganda export in Moscow Russia on

The 24th of May 2023 as seen at the Uganda Expo the organic food movement is producing an impressive amount of innovation driven by increased demand for consumers retailers and the brands that serve them said Idris the chief executive officer and co-founder of native group of companies are Coca-Cola and the vanilla post

Harvest consultancy Company he added at the Expo both throughout the whole products can be formed for every category part by adverse range including cocoa fruits pineapple vanilla coffee okra mangoes under many more while opening the ceremony uganda’s ambassador to Russia Moses Moses excuse me is encouraged for encourage businesses to

Create relationships between Uganda and Russia in the Agriculture and tourism sector Among Us the other exhibitors was the Uganda coffee Development Authority are represented by promoting our culture to the Russian Market thank you and um thank you for uh subscribing to this channel my name is Steven Universe hopefully

Um you’ve seen the videos and you’re seeing the videos I’m gonna give you a speech by uh the ambassador of Uganda to Russia uh his Excellency Moses and uh so that you can get to know what he really said and what other people said about the relationship between

Uganda and Russia where it really started from uh so that you get to know all the information thank you so much I’m Ambassador uganda’s ambassador to the Russian Federation I’ve been here since July last year Russia are historical because Russia while still the Soviet Union helped Uganda and let’s fight for independence

So they’ve always been with us and for us in the natural resistance movement which is the only department they left us in the military struggle that brought us into Power 37 years ago and then the relationships are the good relations go all accordingly every day getting better

That’s why last week my minutes of Foreign Affairs was here to show you the relationships what are the biggest challenges that everybody you know Africa the marks the the unity of African countries which had attained Independence in 1963 when they formed the organization of African Unity which has now transitioned it today African

Union we still have a lot of challenges because the Africa is enrolled with minors we have the biggest quantity of minerals beat their man beautiful marble talk of Enemy No we have the biggest sport today but we refer you to develop the capacity to explore the minerals add

The value and get the money to solve our other problems so many African countries remain poor and yet our population is going very fast so that is a big challenge what to know about programs Because traditionally the West Side countries colonize the Africa and because they colonized Africa even before they colonized the Africa they took away Africans as slaves to provide free Manpower then they colonized Africa to take away our mineral resources and other resources so they want to keep us lived that’s why

They always want to force us into positions but now Africa we’ve developed our independence we decide what we want and we take the serious accordingly here Excellency [Applause] Thank you Thank you very much thank you Ambassador you know there is a lot of imbalance in nature between me and my Deputy he’s a very tall man and the other rich person foreign

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