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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWN ABOUT Uganda’s new anti homosexuality law


Uganda’s Crackdown on lgbtq plus Community if you’re gay or lesbian in Uganda or if you identify as a member of the lgbtq community you’re in deep trouble Uganda has passed sweeping legislation that criminalizes homosexuality its Parliament says homosexuality goes against the traditional values of Uganda being gay

Was already illegal in this East African country now a wide array of activities seen as homosexual can also land people in jail even get them killed but why is Uganda acting so harshly against the lgbtq community and what does it mean to be gay in Africa also is there any hope for

Uganda’s lgbtq Community here’s a report in our country we will have our morals we’ll protect our children and we are making this law we are making this law for ourselves we are making this law for our children who are making this law for the children of our children this

Country will stand firm and once he passed I can tell you madam speaker we are going to reinforce the law enforcement officers to make sure that homosexuals have no space in Uganda homosexuals have no space in Uganda that was said by a lawmaker you think that such rhetoric

Has no place in today’s time but this rhetoric is rampant in the country and in fact tribes in Uganda in Parliament uganda’s anti-homosexual legislation was celebrated with song and fervor lawmakers rejoiced as the parliament past laws criminalizing same-sex relationships in fact even identifying as a gay or lesbian can now get people

In prison for 20 years the legislation makes it a duty for families friends and members of the community to report homosexuals to authorities there’s a ban on promoting and abetting homosexuality the law promises to act against the conspiracy to engage in same-sex activities perhaps the most radical provision is people

Engaging in aggravated acts of homosexuality will get a life sentence that’s if they are lucky if not they’ll get the death penalty what is an aggravated Act of homosexuality according to Uganda it’s when a person has sexual intercourse with a partner of the same sex or when either person is HIV positive

All but one member of the parliament spoke against the bill the legislation hasn’t become the law yet for that it would require the sign of President Yuri museveni but that’s a foregone conclusion the man has opposed lgbtq rights as a matter of principle he is also called out the Western Nations for

Putting pressure on Uganda over the issue in 2013 the president signed a law that made gay sex punishable with life imprisonment a court struck down that law but it is now back with a much larger mandate life for the lgbtq community is already incredibly difficult in recent weeks they have come under increasing

Attack last month more than 110 people reported incidents including arrest sexual violence evictions and public undressing for being queer this month the teacher was arrested over Acquisitions of grooming of young girls into unnatural sexual practices and just two days ago the police arrested six people accused of running a network that

Was actively involved in the grooming of young boys into acts of sodomy between 2017 and 2020 195 people were charged for being thank you

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