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Why Kanyamunyu was released from jail almost two years earlier


Kampala businessman, Mathew Kanyamunyu was on Friday released from jail but almost two years earlier than the due date after being convicted of killing child rights activist, Kenneth Akena.Kanyamunyu was in November,2020 sentenced to four years imprisonment after his murder charge was reduced to manslaughter when he pleaded guilty and entered plea bargain with the DPP .However, Prisons spokesperson, Frank Baine said Kanyamunyu was released earlier than the December, 11, 2025 release date set by the High Court.“His sentence was five years and one month to end on December, 11, 2025 but because prisons has what we call prisons mathematics, some days are awarded to a hardworking and disciplined prisoner and this is an entitlement for prisoners sentenced beyond one month. Kanyamunyu benefitted from this remission and his earliest period of discharge landed him today, April, 12, 2024,” Baine said.RemissionThere is a common misconception among the public that day and night are each counted as a day in prison which is not true.However, prisons have something termed as remission where a prisoner’s sentence is deducted according to his behavior and it is an entitlement for all prisoners sentenced beyond one month.“Remission is a reward given to a prisoner who is sentenced to more than one month as recommendation for discipline and hard work. This mathematics is organized in such a way that the first month is served in full, the balance is subjected to a third award to the prisoner. In other words, if a prisoner is sentenced to three years and one month, he serves the first month full and then the remaining three years he will see the first one year on his side and in the actual sense will serve two years and one month,” Baine said.It is from this window that according to Baine, Kanyamunyu benefitted as he was released one year and eight months earlier than his due release date.

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