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YNW Melly Faces Controversy as Prosecution Submits Lyrics from 58 Songs as Evidence in Murder Trial


After multiple delays ynw melly’s second trial for a pair of 2018 murders is finally set to get underway soon opening arguments are expected to begin in early March and the pre-trial proceedings are currently ongoing that means that evidence is being introduced and weighed by both the prosecution and defense to be used in

The upcoming trial occasionally this has resulted in victories for Mele like when some of the evidence introduced by the prosecution was ruled ineligible last month but now the prosecution has submitted some new evidence that crosses paths with one of the most controversial debates among rappers on trial according to Bryson

Boom Paul the prosecution submitted lyrics from 58 different songs Melly appears on they also reportedly submitted four of his album covers to evidence in addition they also asked to include two experts on gangs and rap lyrics As Witnesses though the judge hasn’t officially ruled one way or the other on

The submissions it’s a controversial move y andw melly’s lyrics could be used against him if Melly does have to face his lyrics in court come March he won’t be the only one dealing with his own songs in court young fug also had his own lyrics used in court against him as

A part of the YSL Rico trial Thug’s defense team in the case had to repeatedly explain the actual origins of lyrics that the prosecution tried to reference to alleged gang activity the debate over rap lyrics being used in court has been raging for years social justice advocates in the hip hop world

Like Killer Mike and Meek Mill have repeatedly spoken out against it some states have even made legal Maneuvers to prevent lyrics from being used in any Criminal Court proceedings what do you think of the prosecution submitting lyric from 58 different y andw meley songs as evidence do you think rap lyrics should

Be admissible as evidence and TR

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