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Young Thug’s Brother Sends Supportive Message Amid YSL RICO Trial Resumption


Last week just as 2023 turned to 2024 Young Thugs YSL Rico trial got back underway he first emerged back in court on January 2nd and the official trial proceedings got underway shortly after the first day back in the trial had fans asking questions about the prosecution one of those was J who took

To Twitter to express his thoughts on the lack of preparedness and sloppy arguments from the state now Young Thug’s own brother has taken to social media with a message to him that came through his Instagram story where he shared a photo of the rapper in court I

Promise God hear us I wish I can call you and tell you I understand now the caption attached to the picture reads the post got a lot of responses from fans discussing the plea deal that Thug’s brother took earlier in the YSL Court proceedings Young Thug’s brother speaks

As YSL trial starts back up as far as the trial itself goes one of the more notable fig figures testified in court today that was slug who took the opportunity to name multiple alleged members of the YSL gang while some reacted to his confession as snitching others think it might be more calculated

He giving them information they know it’ll eventually configure out on their own Yow ASF one comment reacting to his testimony reads others in the comment section agree 99% of the people calling him a rat here have probably never been involved in the street LMAO and he ain’t

Saying no real names he know what he doing LOL two other comments read he’s one of many known figures in the YSL orbit that have ended up testifying as a result of the Court proceedings what do you think of Young Thug’s brother sharing a message for him publicly are you following the newest

Developments every day in the YSL Rico trial let us know in the comment section below

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