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YSL Co Founder Trontavius Stevens Identifies Young Thug and Others in Ongoing RICO Trial


YSL co-founder travius Stevens has been testifying in the ongoing YSL Rico trial and his latest testimony included him pointing out both young fug and other members of the alleged gang Collective on Monday January 8th Stevens once again took to the stand where he answered prosecutors questions about gang signs and other identifying details

Of the alleged gang he co-founded as part of his plea deal made with the prosecution Stevens is required to tell the truth in his testimony according to an analysis by Court TV and though Stevens has been mostly uncooperative during his testimony he ultimately pointed out young fug and

Other members of the YSL young slime life gang at the request of the prosecutor last Monday January 1st just one day ahead of his scheduled return to the courtroom for the continuation of the YSL Rico trial Thugger plugged the brand act normal if you support me then

You know the rest he wrote with a link to the Brand’s website despite his seemingly cheerful Spirits which included partnering with an Atlanta church for a Christmas toy drive the YSL Rico trial has been plagued by drama last month the trial was delayed after one of fugger’s codefendants was

Stabbed while in jail on December 12th court reporter Megan cunf confirmed that the trial had been put on hold until January 2nd 2024 while the defendant Shannon Stillwell recovered from the attack Young Thugs Rico trial is on hold until January 2nd she wrote on social media this after his codefendant Shannon

Stillwell was stabbed in jail judge glandel told the jury yesterday there was a medical issue today he told them unfortunately that medical issue still exists The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office says Stillwell was stabbed by inmate Willie Brown who’s been in jail without bond for almost 3 and a half

Years HF added Stillwell’s attorney Max shart gave a statement to WSBTV reporter Michael seiden that said our first concern is Shannon’s health and we hope to speak to him shortly I will provide any more additional details when appropriate thank you Stillwell who was arrested alongside Young Thug and 27

Others in May 2022 was previously stabbed in July 2022 according to jail officials he faces several charges including murder aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony as well as conspiracy to violate the racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations RICO Act the trial is

Expected to last upwards of

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