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YSL RICO Trial Resumes with Young Thug’s Fashion Statement and Slug’s Testimony


With the New Year came the renewed YSL RICO case which meant Young Thug was back in the news cycle the rapper has been behind bars since May of 2022 and the trial itself has already been going on for months when it got back underway last week some fans were focused on Thug

Himself not only did he find the chance to do some promo for his new fashion line but some fans think he’s also put on some weight as the trial goes on jid also got some of his own observations and about the case he took to Twitter to critique the prosecution for their

Sloppiness and lack of preparation now the hottest story in the case has had to do with one of the co-founders of YSL slug testifying it started when he identified numerous members of the gang in open court though fans online called it snitching not everyone thought so others

Think he was deliberately only giving up those who could be found out anyway as the debate over that testimony raged online he he was adding some fuel to an entirely different fire from earlier in the day slug discusses Young Thug’s jacket earlier in the day the district

Attorney had called out young fug for the SP 5D jacket that he wore to court today during slug’s testimony he was asked about the jacket and clarified on the details he knows about it he told the prosecution that it’s a tribute to juice world who passed away in

2019 Young Thug and Juice world Thug and Juice worked together multiple times on record most notably juice World appears on the song mannequin Challenge from Thug’s 2019 album so much fun a single the pair released together called Bad Boy featured lyrics that were used against Thugger as evidence in court

What do you think of Young Thug being called out for wearing a jacket tributing juice World let us know in the comment section below

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