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Yung Miami & Lil Baby Flirt At Recent Performance


Young Miami and Lil Baby recently showed off so Much Chemistry during a recent performance that fans felt like love was in the air moreover the two quality control artists took the stage and at one point engaged in some banter before getting into the next song If I throw it

Back can you catch it the city girl asked the Atlanta MC before kneeling down as he walked past her overall it really didn’t seem like much to harp on and just a part of their show but the rumor mill still opened for business nothing else links them romantically and they have families of

Their own to take care of and spend time with this holiday season of course for young Miami the topic of relationships within the rap industry is a pretty contentious one these days this is due to her previous links to Diddy ones that fell under much heavier scrutiny when

Various women accused him of sexual assault as such fans these days are expressing a lot of concern for khaw who hasn’t really said anything anything directly about these allegations or of her relationship to Shan coms either way many hope that she isn’t falling under the same supposed conditions that the

Bad boy Mogul subjected others to Lil Baby and young Miami spark chemistry at concert while young Miami is trying to stay balanced amid this drama Lil Baby is apparently hard at work on his next album he recently said that he’s finishing it up so fans should expect a

Drop sometime in 2024 whether in it’s first quarter or for the summer while it’s only me was by no means the 350 spitters most beloved project he hasn’t lost his potential for hits introspection and cutting flows who knows maybe his Miami label mate will inspire him to work in more

Club bangers into his sound regardless we’ll be looking forward to whatever these artists decide to do in the future as long as it stays inspired and non- exploitative they’ll be dealing with some industry drama and even legal and family push back but if they keep their

Focus they’ll be fine in fact fans might even start shipping them as an item if only to keep young Miami away from Diddy’s current media Firestorm for more news on her and Lil

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