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21 Savage Unveils Star Studded Trailer and Teases Collaborators for Upcoming Album American Dream


21 Savage has been holding off on releasing a new solo album since I am I was though he finally set a release date earlier this week for American Dream the rapper third studio album comes a little over a year after his collaborative project with Drake her loss which is

Currently up for a Grammy nomination in the best rap album category however the forthcoming effort from Savage will open up a new chapter in his career following a tumultuous few years this week the rapper dropped a star studded trailer for his forthcoming album American Dream alongside a theatrical trailer that included

Appearances from Donald Glover Caleb mlin and druski among others he also previewed new music before unveiling a release date for Friday January 12th in the trailer itself then he delivered the album artwork that includes a childhood photo affirming that he’s kicking off 2024 on a high note however we’re still wondering what

The track list for the album will look like 21 Savage teases features keeping to the theme of childhood photos the London born rapper shared three images of his potential collaborators on Instagram teasing their appearance on American Dream the first was one of the incarcerated Young Thug in the caption Savage wrote free you

Then he shared a photo of Brent FaZe using the world emoji and the dagger Emoji in the caption finally he hinted at summer Walker’s appearance on the project by sharing a childhood image of her ultimately it seems like we’re going to be getting a lot of content from 21

Savage this year although it remains unclear whether American Dream will actually drop as a theatrical movie the end of the trailer did state that it would be available on Independence Day 2024 hopefully that’s the case since fans have been especially intrigued by Savage’s story ever since his IC arrest in

2019 American Dream Drop January 12th as we anticipate the forthcoming album by 21 Savage take a peek at the trailer for American Dream above and Peep the Instagram posts below do you think 21 Savage will come through with an aot Contender sound off with your thoughts in the comments below

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