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Kodak Black Faces Oxycodone Possession Charges After Initial Cocaine Accusation


Kodak Black found himself in trouble with the law once again after police accused the rapper of possessing cocaine a lab test finally came through confirming that wasn’t the case however the test revealed that the alleged white powder found on the rapper was actually oxycodone per Rolling Stone the

Prosecutors on the case charged him with possession of Oxycodone despite the arresting officer claiming that the initial test results indicated that it was cocaine the arresting officer claimed that there was a white chunky substance found on the rapper’s person and vehicle and that it fi tested positive on scene for cocaine Kodak

Black’s attorney Bradford Cohen plans to file a motion for an investigation of the officer calling the arrest at disgusting abuse of power This falls in line with previous criticism Cohen had toward the arrest which he previously described as an unlawful investigatory stop and arrest Kodak Black’s attorney

Pushes back Cohen made it clear that the mistake between cocaine C and Oxycodone is something unheard of the cop says crack cocaine and it turned out to be oxycodone I don’t know how an error like that happens I’ve never seen in my career of 27 years where an officer tested an

Oxycodone pill and it came back positive for cocaine this officer was either grossly neglectful incompetent or a liar it’s one of those three he said additionally Cohen stated that Kodak Black has a prescription for oxy codone which he plans to present to the court meanwhile Paula McMahon Broward County State

Attorney spokesperson said that they would review any evidence that the defense presents however McMahon also added that charges against Kodak Black were filed after the lab test results were received police arrested him on suspected cocaine possession our office did not file that charge McMahon said we’ll keep you

Posted on any more updates surrounding Kodak blacks case check out Cohen’s Instagram post regarding the lab test above and share your thoughts in the comment section below

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