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6ix9ine Attacker’s Wife Launches GoFundMe, Says Husband “Made A Mistake”


Foreign Attacker’s wife launches GoFundMe says husband made a mistake he may be enjoying time in Cuba but Takashi 69 is still recovering from a vicious attack for years the incendiary rapper has been targeting his foes one after another after turning federal witness against his gang Affiliates he became an

Industry Pariah with a snitch label following him at every turn still 6-9 remained unfazed and taunted anyone who criticized him while several chart Toppers pledged to face off with the rainbow-haired rapper a reported Trio of men at the gym executed an assault recently a video of six nine looking bloodied and battered

Surfaced online soon another followed showing the Gooba hitmaker on the floor of an LA Fitness restroom being stomped kicked and punched by a group of men TMZ shared a photo of 699 inese injuries from the hospital and it didn’t take long for mug shots to be released

Jamie Medina the wife to one of the suspects Rafael Medina had a few things to say a quick check shows that the GoFundMe campaign has been taken down however all hip-hop conveyed portions of Jamie’s message my husband is Rafael Medina I can’t talk much about the situation because it’s still ongoing but my

Husband stood up for what he believes in she reportedly wrote which unfortunately ended in an altercation it didn’t have anything to do with clout my husband doesn’t even have social media the GoFundMe is for everybody involved she accused social media users of spreading false information Raphael is a hard-working loving father

And husband who made a mistake Medina continued there are no excuses but we are hoping that during this time we can come together support and donated to the GoFundMe for the entire cause and for the attorney fees it is unclear if Medina took down the crowdfunding campaign herself or if

GoFundMe deleted it after days of being taunted online 6-9 re-emerged with a post he re-shared the clip of him getting jumped and seemed to praise his years-long ability to move freely without incident for two years I’ve been walking around with no security not saying I promote that but now you

See I really never hid from anything said six nine if you ever crossed my path or ever came to my house you girls know who you are you can tell the world Danny drives his own cars and be solo you know how many of you people seen me in real life by

Myself in gas stations supermarkets restaurants Etc anyway what happened here was nothing but cowardly I’m not mad this happened in the street there’s no rules so I can’t say they were wrong obviously it wasn’t fair but again the streets has no rules just imagine having nothing to do to

With a situation and feel obligated to make it your business very weird I’m happy to be here still and I want to say I love my fans thank you P dot S I never knew we respected jumping people when did that ever become a w check it out above

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  3. @Johno_Crypto says

    Pay for your own attorney you think 69 fans will pay you anything your mistaken you don't go around attacking people and film the whole thing and expect to get away with it lol seriously

  4. @joseduenes9424 says

    That bitch is stupid
    Her husband needs to be put in prison 15 yrs Aggravated assault

    Her husband a pussie 3 guys jumped 69
    That's how Latin king pussies are
    1 on 1 they pussy
    3 on 1 or 5 on 1 they gangster

    This bitch husband wanted to be famous
    He famous alright
    Nobody should contribute to the
    go fund me
    to take this aggressive pussy out of jail
    You like to jump people
    Stay ya ass in jail
    These are the kind of people that make hispanics look weak

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