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Leonardo DiCaprio Testifies Against Pras Michel


Foreign One of the strangest media crossover events so far this year Leonardo DiCaprio testified against praz-michel in the latter’s ongoing conspiracy trial moreover the former Fuji’s member stands accused of collaborating with Malaysian businessman Joe Lowe to illegally Finance Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign embezzle billions from the Malaysian government and more

During his testimony the Silver Screen star went over his relationship with Lo in interesting detail while prass pleaded not guilty to all charges against him Leo is not criminally involved in this case instead prosecutors likely used him as an example of low-coursing influential people in the states and seeking favor

With them for his own personal gain before anyone starts speculating DiCaprio’s testimony does not incriminate him or his collaborators in any way in the hour-long testimony the Inception actor said he became friends with low upon meeting at a birthday party in 2010. two years later Lowe allegedly told him

About his plan to donate between 20 million dollars and 30 million dollars to the Democratic party throughout the 2012 Presidential election not only that but prosecutors maintain that Lowe used a film production company called red granite pictures to launder his embezzled money furthermore this relates to Leo because

Apparently they offered to finance his flick The Wolf of Wall Street before accepting the actors legal team and third-party collaborators ran Financial background checks on the production company surprisingly and clearly incorrectly everything seemed normal what’s more is that the 48 year old even thanked Lo during his golden globe’s

Acceptance speech for best actor for his role in the film meanwhile Leo said that he met pres once or twice the first time was during a Fugees concert in the 90s whereas he hazily remembered interacting with him on another occasion at DiCaprio’s house for Thanksgiving dinner funnily enough the actor recently hung

Out with Q-Tip courtside at a basketball game so his hip hop Roots Run Deep regardless the rapper stands accused of making illegal campaign contributions with low in 2012 failing to register as an agent of China’s government and witness tampering with all that in mind log back into hnhh

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