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Adam22 Calls Drakeo The Ruler The Most Influential West Coast Artist Of The Past Decade


During a recent podcast episode Adam 22 and wack 100 shared their thoughts on West Coast hip hop and who they believe has been a driving force in it over the past decade or so according to Adam drao the ruler Takes the Cake for him but wack seems to

Disagree the two of them went back and forth with Adam noting how many other major artists were inspired by drao drao was like probably the most influential West Coast artist of the last 10 years Adam explained but he totally subverted all of the West Coast sounds wack 100 then chimed in to object

To Adam’s claims bringing Rody rich as well as blueface into the debate drao don’t have more plaques than blueface he said you don’t get a blue face without drao the no jumper host argued blueface flow is drao inspired I’m sorry I’m just going to say

It Adam 22 and wack 100 dis West Coast hip hop Adam then went on to name a few other artists who he believes have been influenced by drao the ruler including X4 Shoreline Mafia and more his flow was massively influential to the point where people don’t give him credit for its

Influence because they can’t see the influence because it’s permeated throughout all of rap so much he described wack continued to protest refusing to say that X4 was inspired by drao according to Adam however drao would admit to it himself as he’s a student of drao what do you think of Adam 22

Claiming that drao the ruler was the most influential artist to come out of the West Coast in the past decade do you agree with him or not who do you think is the most influential artist to come out of the West Coast in the past 10

Years or so share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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