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Consequence Thinks Kanye West Owes Him An Apology In New Instagram Rant


Depending on who you ask the answer to the question of when Kanye West fell out of public favor due to his controversies could be either last year or over a decade ago however one person that pretty consistently supported him is fellow rapper longtime friend and close associate consequence despite all the

Anti-Semitism unkempt musical promises and so many more Antics he stood by yes side and defended him against many forces but now it seems like the Queen’s MC is done trying to defend someone who clearly doesn’t appreciate his backing in fact he thinks that the Chicago artist doesn’t even acknowledge it I’m

Posting this clip of the YZ y pods because I was asked to buy a staff member consequence wrote on Instagram on Thursday December 28th posting a clip of Kanye West’s new Footwear but I have to get something off my chest regardless of the consequences I have always leared my

Love support and expertise to Yi since com Productions circuit 2002 so at KY West never again say in public or to others in private that you are alone that’s the biggest slap in the face you could give to your team consequence finally calls out Kanye West

Guys like me Don C monip GL doe IBN arrow and even Virgil rip have given you big portions of our adult lives so that we could all be the Bulls consequence continued but we didn’t help you become Jordan so you could turn into Jerry Krauss and start playing 3D musical

Chairs with the brothers you can be the one with the money and even the power but I will always need my respect if you can apologize to the Jewish community in Hebrew then maybe you should apologize to a few of your guys in English love you bro but this is

192 meanwhile this is a far cry from con blasting other good music artists for not defending the Yeezy Mogul maybe this was simply the final straw in this Dynamic surely this won’t be the end of this chapter in their lives and hopefully there’s a happier ending than

Where we’re headed right now with that in mind

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