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Andre 3000 Reveals He Got Big Boi Into Deep Sea Fishing


Even though it doesn’t seem like there’s an outcast reunion on the horizon anytime soon there doesn’t appear to be any bad blood between Andre 3000 and big boy in fact Andre recently revealed on Quest Love’s podcast Quest Love Supreme that he accidentally shared a surprising hobby with his fellow former Outcast

Rapper that big boy has picked up the discussion started with a rumor about Andre 3000 of which there are many as he’s a notoriously mysterious artist the particular rumor they discussed is that Andre is really into fishing something he denies but it did serve as the springboard into a different and

Surprisingly hilarious anecdote about deep sea fishing I invited big boy on a couple of them and big boy he’s been running with it big boy goes out in deep sea fishes all the time Andre explains Andre 3000 on fishing rumors Andre 3000 is fresh off of releasing an

Album that left fans and fellow rappers divided he dropped his debut album new blue Sun last months after years of anticipation building up on the album he shifted his style dramatically wandering away from hip-hop altogether instead the album is an ambient Jazz project with long instrumental compositions that prominently feature Andre playing the

Flute the album has prompted dozens of responses from Andre’s contemporaries sharing their thoughts on the project artists like RZ Lupe Fiasco and big jip came to his defense praising both the album itself and the Bold artistic risk he took releasing it fans and critics were more divided on the project many

Fans who were anticipating a rap sound came away from new blue Sun disappointed even though Andre warned when he announced the project that there would be no bars critics who were more familiar with ambient jazz music are also divided on how compelling Andre’s take on the style actually is what do

You think of Andre 3000 getting big boy into deep sea fishing let us know in the comment section below

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