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Blueface & Soulja Boy Beef Over Verzuz Battle Claims


Things are heating up between blueface and Soulja Boy recently the former CR asterisk zy and love star claimed he’d beat the crank that performer in’s battle Soulja didn’t take kindly to his claims firing back during an Instagram live according to the Chicago born artist all blueface would do in the

Battle is perform his 2018 hit thiana five times this isn’t the first time someone’s come at blue face claiming that’s the only song They Know by him however funny Marco made a similar insinuation during their interview this week nearly prompting the LA native to cut the conversation short in a new clip Soulja

Boy is seen telling funny Marco to set up an interview with him and demanding that an actual versus battle between him and blueface be arranged Soulja Boy on blueface versus Battle according to him there’s no way the father of three could go up against his collection of hits unfortunately his claims prompted a

Passion response from blue face who then decided to mention the mother of Soulja Boy’s child I hit ym already soja boy ask her who performed better hit for hit he wrote alongside a laughing emoji earlier today I ain’t never told one lie he naming all these people he got songs

With he don’t even know me in his BM made a whole album my de asterisk CK is bigger than yours he continued his Twitter spree later claiming that soulja’s mention of Jaden Alexis is what really set him off when I heard the word Jaden come out his mouth now that’s

Where he F asteris cat up at that one’s going to cost you every time he wrote I turned to as asterisk vague bout Jaden blueface responds to Soulja Boy what do you think of Soulja Boy claiming that blueface would just performed thiana multiple times in a versa battle what

About blueface response do you think he crossed the line share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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