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Andrew Tate Praises Dr Umar For Being Ride Or Die For The Black Community


Andrew Tate has offered praise to fellow controversial content creator Dr Umar I don’t care if you agree with him or not Dr Umar is ride or die for his people and I respect that Tate wrote on X his statement came after Umar went viral for a scathing attack on Vanessa Bryant the

Widow of Kobe Bryant Umar accused Bryant of not doing sht to uplift the black community this was specifically in regard to the ways that she has spent her late husband’s money in recent years Umar pointed to a sports initiative that Bryant recently started with six predominantly white

Colleges umar’s anger came as a result of Bryant not choosing a single HBCU Umar was referring to the Mamba and Mamba C to sports foundation in September the foundation announced Partnerships with Yukon USC Kentucky Oregon Duke and LSU however Umar was largely shouted down by the Joe Button crew

One contributor argued that there are plenty of angry black wives who got a black man’s money and didn’t do sht for the black community as with many of umar’s moments it felt more like he was talking to be heard than actually having something to say Andrew Tate says he misses America

Meanwhile Tate recently said he misses America according to an early December tweet from the influencer Tate hasn’t lived in the States since 2017 when he and his brother are relocated to Romania Tate has long stated that he made the move due to the much more lenient enforcement of laws in the Eastern European

Nation however that did not stop Romanian officials from throwing the book at the tape Brothers over alleged rape and human trafficking however it’s not the first blunt forward tweet that Tate has spontaneously made recently Tate simply wrote I am a billionaire on X on November

23rd it’s a bold claim from a man who was recently valued at a net worth of around1 million that figure came from the Romanian officials as part of an evaluation of Tate’s assets this was conducted as part of his ongoing trial for rape human trafficking and organized crime the lavish lifestyle

Portrayed by Tate over the years appears to be almost entirely fabricated even Tate’s own lawyers admitted that the former kickboxing world champion plays a character on

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