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Alex Rodriguez Finalizing Purchase Of The Timberwolves


Alex Rodriguez and Mark love are finalizing the purchase of a majority stake in Minnesota’s basketball franchise Rodriguez and love have been purchasing the Timberwolves and links and installments from Glenn Taylor since April 2021 this latest purchase will see A- Road and love control 80% of the two

Teams Taylor who has owned the franchise since 1994 will retain the remaining 20% however he can choose to sell this to rodri guess and love at a later date the ownership change comes as the Timberwolves are in the midst of their best start to a season in franchise

History the team is 22 to7 and first in the west this is a reaping of the benefits swn by aod and L’s influence moves such as acquiring nuggets GM Tim Connelly and players such as Rudy goar and Mike connley are paying major dividends however it remains to be seen

If the Timberwolves can maintain their pace and push them eles towards a title Anthony Edwards Timberwolf star gets roasted by Kevin Durant meanwhile Kevin Durant was recently brutal in his response to a question about whether he would wear Anthony Edwards signature shoes won’t ever see me put a big toe in them F

Durant wrote on X formally Twitter even more brutal was the fact that Durant was responding to a video of Edwards himself saying that Durant was the player he most wanted to see wearing his signature shoe Edward has never been shy to express his admiration of Durant the comments largely supported Durant’s

Sharp sense of humor and Unapologetic honesty however some people warned that Durant had best watch out as Edwards and the Timberwolves will bake Durant and the Suns if that’s the case those fans will be waiting a while the Suns and Timberwolves don’t play again until April Edwards is yet to respond to

Durant’s comments Durant recently posted for a photo shoot involving Drake’s own signature shoe maybe it’s something about wearing a rival shoe that Durant is oppos

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