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APPLY FOR THIS CONFERENCE IN CANADA 2024, APPLY NOW Step by Step Application Process


Hello guys how are you doing my name is tin uh please subscribe to this channel so that you get more information when it comes to um the world of Entertainment Sports and current news today I’m talking about one um conference that is going to be happening in Toronto this year come July

And um hopefully you’ve registered if you’ve not registered better register because you’re going to be be uh you’re going to be missing out the main sponsor or the main organizer of this event is adson African decent Ontario so this is an organization that is bested in Ontario and you know looks forward on

Helping and empowering black communities that are best in uh in Canada and all over the world so the anual African dis intermate will be hosted there and this year’s Summit carries a powerful theme recognition Justice and development for those that uh would love to know where it’s going to be happening

It is in Toronto Pavilion 190 raide Road Ontario Canada and the day is 17th to July 20th please register as fast as you can because this year Summit is really great and it coincides with the UN a charter of international decade for the people of African descent which was

Launched by the United Nations and it is a pivotal initiative aimed to address and rectify the history of injustices faced by the people of African descent across the globe so African descent Summit promises to be an Enlightenment and empowerment to everyone that will be there we expect uh expert speakers

Panelist each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table this year’s event is not just about dialogue uh it is a grand celebration of vibrant uh types of African art and culture in Canada with very many talents that will Grace the summit that will showcase uh the profound Heritage and

Border creativity of African Canadian artists the event all these EV event will stand as a testament to the power of culture and artistic expression in conveying messages of social justice recognition development and social impact so I’m calling up all Africans to be there if you can you can visit their

Website African descent o or uh you can go to event bright and uh search for African descent uh Summit 2024 the tickets are on sale expect entertainment expect speakers expect uh guests expect um you know very many uh things that are going to be happening in this Summit so come celebrate the

African decent come celebrate the African Heritage come celebrate the African culture because adson is there to serve you this year and um you know today this year Summit is going to be a bit bigger than last year Summit as you know last year we celebrated the Africa

Descent and this year July is going to be all over the place so make sure no matter you from Nigeria Ghana South Africa Namibia Zambia Uganda um Saron in any part of Africa come let’s celebrate our heritage this July in Canada on the 20th on 17th to the 20th of July

2024 so weister now the number is on the screen just in case uh you don’t want to visit the website or something be there and this Summit is going to be uh a very big Testament to everyone that will be there see you There A

African Descent Ontario (ADSON) presents the *Annual African Descent Summit 2024*.
Registrations are open and you can also encourage your family members in Africa and elsewhere to register and come join these important conversations.
African Descent Ontario is delighted to organize for you an enriching Summit. *You don’t want to Miss it!*If you’re interested in getting firsthand information visit our website at :
TEL: +1 437-332-5563


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