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Ex-FBI Agent Suggests Keefe D Might Have Revealed Information About Diddy


Retired FBI Agent Phil Carson who previously worked on the investigation into the murder of Tupac has raised the possibility that the murder suspect in the case Keith D could provide information about Diddy Carson noted that with Keith D facing a life sentence he may have incentiv to cooperate with

Authorities to help himself out Kei D had previously alleged that Diddy ordered a $1 million hit on Tupac these comments come amidst the recent Homeland Security raid on Diddy’s properties in Los Angeles and Miami as well as the civil lawsuits he faces related to misconduct allegations speaking with the Daily Mail Carson

Stated it’s not like the olden days of the Italian mafia where everybody kept their mouth shut as soon as somebody has handcuffs on them they’ll sell out their own mom now Keith’s arrested and that’s a game changer because they have something over him and that’s when he

May start spilling his guts he’s an OG from out here Carson continued he’s rubbed shoulders with a lot of the big shots every one of those guys has a story to tell about how the streets were run back then so who’s to say Keith didn’t start throwing stuff out there

That he hasn’t talked about before to potentially save his a that’s not to say it’s the reason federal law enforcement executed these warrants on Diddy’s house but it would be interesting to know what the evidence is and where that evidence came from that they put in these affidavits to get both these search

Warrants it’s got to be something of substance Diddy’s attorney Aaron Dyer denounced the raids as a gross overuse of military level force in a statement the following day Mr Colmes was never detained but spoke to and cooperated with authorities he stated despite media speculation neither Mr Colmes nor any of his family

Members have been arrested nor has their ability to travel been restricted in any way stay tuned for further developments on the case against Diddy

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