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Ariana Grande Failed Her Career , Jordin Sparks Speaks


Jordan Sparks addresses rumors about Ariana Grande stealing her career Jordan Sparks One American Idol in 2007 at the age of 17 and became the youngest winner ever she released her self-titled debut album the following year which sold over 2 million copies globally however according to the music industry

Standards Her Image was too clean and record Executives tried to convince her to make more sexualized songs and stir up some controversy for publicity Jordan refused and remained true to her values in 2012 she made her big screen debut in the movie Sparkle opposite Whitney Houston who adored Jordan and

Predicted that she would be the biggest star to come out of American Idol however Jordan’s label believed her good girl image wasn’t marketable enough and reportedly started sabotaging her career Ariana Grande emerged as the best Contender for the next big RB star after leaving Nickelodeon in 2014.

Her debut album yours truly was a massive Commercial Success featuring collaborations with rappers Mac Miller and Big Sean Jordan wrote the song the way about her relationship with Jason Derulo and it was supposed to go on her second album however Ariana’s record label fought for the song and convinced Jordan to give it

To Ariana who made it a hit despite all the controversies Ariana’s career continued to soar and she faced accusations of cultural appropriation fans are now saying this is what happened to Jordan Sparks and even the producer who worked on Ariana’s debut album recently admitted that Jordan is the blueprint for Ariana’s sound

Harmony Samuels who produced the way and corrode it with Jordan said that the sound of Ariana’s Yours Truly album was originally meant for Jordan and she is the originator and the blueprint for Ariana’s current success Jordan has not publicly addressed these comments but it’s clear that she remained true to her

Values and refused to compromise her art for publicity industry sabotaging black female artists sources close to Jordan Sparks are claiming that she still feels like she was not treated fairly by her label and the industry at Large many fans are saying that this is just one example of record labels

Deliberately sabotaging black female artists who refused to let the industry control them one fan tweeted the Jordan Sparks Ariana Grande situation is a prime example of the music industry loving the RB sound and feel but preferring it coming from non-black people another fan commented the fact

That she never changed who she is as a person or tried remarketing herself sexually her voice did it all I really wish artists would put music out without having labels in big machines puppeting them however Ariana’s fans have fired back and are calling Jordan and nobody in claiming that she

Could never be as big as Ariana one Ariana stand tweeted Ariana is credited as a songwriter and producer on the album unlike this unknown who wrote only one song in which Ariana is also credited another fan added we only care about Ariana not the unknown flop what are your thoughts on this

Do you think someone sabotaged Jordan’s career on purpose comment down below

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