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Rihanna Gives Details Why to Chris Brown Beat Up Usher


Rihanna reacts to Chris Brown’s altercation with Usher Rihanna reportedly feels that Chris Brown is a lost cause after his recent physical altercation with Usher according to sources she believes that there is no hope that he will ever change Chris and Usher reportedly got into a heated argument at Chris’s birthday

Party which resulted in a physical altercation leaving Usher with a bloody nose the altercation apparently started when Usher tried to defend Tiana Taylor after Chris disrespected her however fans are now saying they don’t feel sorry for Usher or Tiana because they both defended Chris after his 2009 attack on Rihanna Chris Brown’s troubled

Past Chris Brown’s violent past cannot go unacknowledged in February 2009 Chris physically attacked Rihanna his then-girlfriend leaving her with injuries he pleaded guilty to the felony charge receiving five years of Probation and a restraining order Rihanna and Chris briefly reconciled in 2013 but Rihanna realized that Chris had

Not changed at all and they broke up for good Chris has been involved in multiple violent incidents since then including shoving a woman to the ground at a nightclub physical altercation with Frank Ocean and stalking his ex-girlfriend karuji Tran despite all of this Chris’s career did not suffer and multiple celebs continued

To publicly support him including Tiana Taylor and Usher Chris Brown’s altercation with Usher Chris and Usher got into an argument at Chris’s birthday party which escalated into a physical fight while the physical altercation wasn’t captured on camera TMZ published a video of Chris and Usher arguing with Tiana standing next to them

According to eyewitnesses Chris was trying to talk to Tiana but she was ignoring him and that apparently set him off Chris was calling Tiana all types of b word and that’s when Usher tried to intervene however this pissed off Chris even more and he started arguing with Usher it’s unclear whether Chris himself

Physically attacked Usher but several sources reported that Chris’s crew jumped Usher after he left the roller rink leaving him with a bloody nose Rihanna’s reaction according to sources close to Rihanna she allegedly feels disappointed but not surprised by Chris’s Behavior though Rihanna does not wish any harm on

Chris she’s apparently lost all hope that he’ll change some fans are criticizing Usher and Tiana Taylor for enabling Chris Brown’s Behavior after he was seen disrespecting Taylor at a surprise party hosted by Usher others are calling out Chris Brown Defenders for claiming he has changed despite his actions

Share your thoughts on the situation and whether or not there is hope for Chris to change to change

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