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Azealia Banks Calls Kanye West A Fat Smelly Loser Over His Nicki Minaj Rant


Ailia Banks has expressed her support for Nicki Minaj after Minaj faced the public ey of Kanye West for not clearing her verse on new body okay now I’m really pissed the fck off regardless of how I feel about pf2 did Fat smelly loser Kanye West really just try step all over Nikki’s release

Did I hear correctly when he tried to take credit for supporting her career Banks wrote on X formerly Twitter Minaj and Kanye are few because Minaj refused to clear her verse for new body a track set to appear on Kanye’s upcoming album vultures new body was originally meant to appear on the unreleased

Yandy however it was reworked into a Christian track for Jesus as king but creative differences between Kanye and Minaj meant that the song was left off the album taala sign implied on his track status in 2020 that Kanye refused to release the song because it was generic vultures gets new prior

Order release date meanwhile vultures has been made available for pre-order on iTunes furthermore the expected release has been listed as December 31st the news comes after vulture’s expected release date December 15th was instead marked by a 10-minute rant from Kanye the rant took aim at the Jewish Community Adidas and individuals like

Jay-Z and Drake engga just cuz I had a car engga fck everybody Anda that’s what I’m trying to say to you Eng gas right fking now Anda Drake this is what you’ve been waiting for Jay-Z this is what you’ve been waiting for Adidas this is what you’ve been

Waiting for Kim this is what you’ve been waiting for and gas be hanging around these Eng gas for the money on some Mike Ruben sht Kanye ranted the album was briefly available for pre-order on Apple music for a brief period earlier this week however it was later removed the album’s

Release has been a trail of delays dating back to the summer at one point Kanye and Tai had planned to release the album as part of an impromptu concert in Italy however that idea was scrapped due to a lack of planning permission and an overly expedited construction schedule for their intended stay

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