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Cardi B’s Tearful Livestream Gets Unsympathetic Response From Akbar V


Akbar V has shown cardi beat no love after the latter’s tearful rant about her split with husband offset Akbar Savaged cardi joking that she’d cry to if her man’s hairline was going up the middle like that overall Akbar appeared to take pleasure in tearing down cardi while she was at her

Lowest however not many people have supported her line of thinking online wow people really like to see others in pain you may or may not be speaking of on facts but life is not a game and making fun of people when they may or may not be facing karma is not

Cool what a role model for your kids who are waiting on their Rotel dip one person wrote on YouTube it’s so unattractive seeing woman degrade other women especially when cardi is experiencing an emotional crisis cardi surround yourself with all the healthy nurturing support crying face face with open mouth you a strong

Woman cardi red heart this too shall pass smiling face with Halo folded hands light skin tone folded hands light skin tone Purple Heart added another cardi B breaks down this all comes after cardi got emotional while talking about offset cardi was reduced to tears during an Instagram live session in which she

Discussed her relationship with offset and the recent scenes from the rapper birthday party he likes to play games with me he knows that I’m at my house because he knows I am not doing my most I’ve been sparing you BTC h ngga your btch album is sht f King doing me dudy

After so many years that I helped your mother King a not even a fking thank you a clearly emotional cardi said the rant came after TMZ reported on offset’s wild birthday party the former Migos rapper was seen surrounded by women and reportedly partied until 5:00 a.m. prior

To her live stream cardi took to X formerly Twitter to address her husband mukas will try you when you at y Lowa and your most vulnerable time you out here feeling yourself but trust me the tables turn at Offset yrn you a BTC h n

GA and trust me Emma fkin take it there she wrote in a series of post

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