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B G Fires Back At Wack 100’s Snitching Accusations


BG has addressed the snitching allegations involving him on social media explaining that he’s not phased by The Narrative pop Austin media posted an interview clip of BG discussing his response on Wednesday among the voices to spread the idea was wack 100 at first I was feeling

Some type of way BG admitted in the interview but you know the N asterisk asterisk asterisk as who opinion matters reached out to me because I’ve been paying attention to this internet and this internet a fool this s asterisk asterisk ta Beast you heard me you know the internet undefeated and Truth don’t

Need no co-signer you know what I’m saying BG poses with Cash Money Cash Money Millionaires on the Jenny Jones Show rappers Birdman Brian Christopher Williams juvenile tyus gray Lil Wayne Dwayne Michael Carter junor BG Christopher Noel dorsy and Manny fresh Byron a Thomas of Cash Money Millionaires poses for photos after

Rehearsals for their performance on the Jenny Jones Show in Chicago Illinois in August 2000 photo by Raymond Boyd /g gety images he continued once I talked to my real JN asterisk asterisk asterisk gu who reached out to me and they heard about it and then the N asterisk

Asterisk asterisk asterisk gu on the street that I know are standing on law standing on business you know they like listen man don’t even pay that sh asterisk T no mind an asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk s just trying to use your light to bring them out the darkness check out

BG’s full comments on the situation below BG addresses snitching allegations while he only just responded to wack 100 spreading the snitching accusations online many others have come to be dog’s defense boozy badass 41 labeled whack a clown for a post on Instagram featuring BG whack also has

Said that Birdman got heated at him for the claim the rapper got out of prison earlier this year after being sentenced to 14 years back in 2012 he pled guilty to two counts of possession of a firearm and one count of conspiracy to obstruct Justice be on the

Lookout for further updates on BG

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