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Blueface Takes Shots At His Mother Karlissa On Twitter


Blueface is one to always say whatever he wants that seems to apply extra to his social media Pages where he constantly engaged in beef with numerous other celebs at any point in time earlier today he shared a controversial tweet that once again found him in headlines and hot water all black women

Would choose to be single moms on government assistance over any man that’s been scientifically proven before blue face don’t blame me Blue’s newest tweet reads but surprisingly a felt confident enough to come into His comment section and take shots at Blue’s own mother Clarissa included since you

Want to go there their response tweet read instead of Defending his mother like you might expect blue to do he agrees with the fans take Carisa especially he replied blue and Carisa have a complicated relationship in the public eye as they’ve often commented on each other’s drama even as they’re both

Almost always engaged in beef with other people there’s some under ly in tension that has them bringing each other up at random moments blueface diesa his mom Carisa recently most of blueface drama has come from Jaden Alexa new house allegedly despite the fact that blue and

Jaden broke up he still bought her a new house that they’d been spending quite a bit of time in recently the drama came when krisan Rock commented on the situation and instilled some doubt into things cian claimed that the house wasn’t actually bought but was being being rented she doubled down saying

That it wasn’t even blue face who was paying for it but since she made that comment the evidence has started to swing in Blue’s favor as he’s been at the house a lot he spent Christmas there where he lip tweeted getting stuck in The house’s elevator with his son what

Do you think of blueface taking shots at his mother on Twitter after sharing a controversial take let us know in the comment section below

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