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Baddies East Cast Faces Controversy Over Smiley’s Medical Emergency – The Hoima Post –


In the latest episode of the reality TV show Baddies East, the cast embarked on a trip to Jamaica, bringing with them the expected mix of club outings, clashes, fights, and dramatic antics characteristic of the program. However, a particular incident involving cast member Smiley has sparked skepticism and controversy among fans, with some questioning the authenticity of a reported medical emergency.

According to the show’s narrative, Smiley experienced a medical emergency after consuming three or four shots of alcohol, leading to a seizure and urgent hospitalization. Despite the seriousness of the situation, doubts emerged, with suggestions that Smiley may have fabricated the reaction. Surprisingly, these suspicions were not only voiced by fans but also by fellow cast members, including Chrisean Rock’s sister Tesehki and Mariahlynn, who implied it might be an overreaction.

In response to the skepticism and attacks, Smiley took to social media tearfully to address the situation. In a video circulating on TikTok, she expressed, “Y’all don’t know how this st feels, bro. Y’all didn’t see how this st feels, bro. I don’t even know what was going on. I did not know what the fk was going on in this f*ing s**t.”

Regardless of differing opinions, many fans agreed that the Zeus Network show should treat Smiley with respect and refrain from exploiting her further. Similar sentiments have recently emerged in petitions calling for the removal of other cast members from the show. As developments unfold, stay tuned

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