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Baddies East Cast Faces Controversy Over Smiley’s Medical Emergency


The cast of baddies East recently went to Jamaica during the reality television Show’s latest episode moreover they obviously got into their fair share of fun Club outings clashes fights and other Antics that are the lifeblood of the program however one particular incident has many fans scratching their heads

Whether it’s due to skepticism of to the veracity of it or shock at the idea that people would doubt such a thing furthermore Smiley apparently had a medical emergency after taking three or four shots of alcohol that prompted a seizure and immediate transportation to the hospital for medical

Attention still there were a lot of people who doubted that this was real and who suggested that smiley faked this reaction not only that but this didn’t only come from fans but from fellow cast members on BD’s East such as krisan Rock’s sister to SEI Mariah Len also

Said that this was likely an overreaction and that she was making a big fuss about it and we know that the two don’t have have the best of relationships overall it seems like a lot of drama for something that even if it was fake should have been treated

With all the respect and care in the world baddi’s East cast members doubt medical emergency speaking of which Smiley took to social media to tearfully react to all these doubts and attacks in a new video y’all don’t know how this s asterisk asterisk t feel bro she

Expressed in a clip that surfaced on Tik Tok y’all don’t know how I’m feeling y’all didn’t see how this s asterisk asterisk t feel bro I don’t even know what was going on I did not know what the f asterisk asterisk K was going on in this F asterisk asterisk asterisk

Iing GS asterisk asterisk T it was like I was so nervous for this s asterisk asterisk T to come on and then I’m seeing all these comments and I have to sit here and watch this s asterisk asterisk T bruh my grandma Everybody is watching this bruh this s asterisk asteris T Smiley’s

Response meanwhile many fans regardless of side agreed that the Zeus Network show shouldn’t take advantage of her anymore a similar initiative popped up recently petitioning for Raley poly to be kicked off the show we’ll see what changes happen and what else develops for the crew on that note keep checking

In with hnhh for the latest news and updates on Smiley and Badd

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