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Besigye Joins City Traders’ Strike Against Unjust Taxation – The Black Examiner



Opposition leader Kizza Besigye joins city traders’ strike in Uganda, denouncing what he sees as unjust taxation. He urges unity across political lines to fight against what he terms “double taxation” by the government. Traders protest the enforcement of electronic receipting, facing fines of over Shs6 million for non-compliance.

Opposition leader Kizza Besigye, fresh from consultations in Uganda’s western region and attending the funerals of fallen activists in Teso, has joined the ongoing city traders’ strike. Besigye criticizes what he perceives as an unjust taxation system, stating that Ugandan traders are burdened with numerous taxes while seeing little benefit in return.

In a press conference held at his Katonga office, Besigye likened Ugandan traders to cows being milked without being fed, emphasizing the plethora of taxes they face without corresponding improvements in public services. He urged traders not to call off the strike or engage in talks with the president unless their grievances are addressed.

Besigye accused the government of intentionally burdening small-scale enterprises with excessive taxes to keep the population economically suppressed. Despite political differences, Besigye called for unity among all Ugandans, including those affiliated with the ruling NRM party, to combat what he views as oppressive taxation.

He urged activists from various political parties, including NUP, DP, and UPC, to unite in the struggle against what he termed as “double taxation” by the regime. The ongoing strike by traders centers on their opposition to the tax authority’s enforcement of electronic receipting to determine taxes, with those found evading the system facing hefty fines of over Shs6 million.

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Besigye Joins City Traders’ Strike Against Unjust Taxation

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