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Kingdom media announce dates for “Ensisinkano 2024”


Uganda’s leading Christianity-based media house Kingdom Media yesterday evening launched the preparations for their annual event known as “Ensisinkano”.
The Ensisinkano launch was attended by the Managing Director of His Kingdom Broadcasting Service Bishop David Kiganda,  who was the chief guest announced that this year’s event will happen on 15th June at Christianity Focus Centre, Mengo Kisenyi under the theme “Muzzangganda”.

Gospel artists like Segmento Omusomi Wamatayo, Titus Kuteesa, and Jean Peace among others also attended the Ensisinkano launch and they established their statement that they’re going to entertain both the Kingdom TV viewers and 93.0 Kingdom FM listeners who will attend the event.
Singer Segmento on the launch of 2024 Listners Convention
On the launch, different companies like (Scity Paints, Jevic Properties,  BF Suma, and Biva Organic among others) joined Kingdom media in the preparations for this year’s listeners’ convention
When asked why they chose this year’s theme to be “Muzzangganda, Bishop David Kiganda replied ” Because of what you hear circulating around town, we thought that it would be better if we bring back our people who are lost”
Police evidence has slammed Pastor Kayanja’s claims on Bishop Kiganda and Ssenyonga .

All you need to know about the Ensisinkano event.
Ensisinkano (listeners’ convention) is an annual event that attracts both the viewers of KTV and listeners of Kingdom FM in which they meet with their presenters from the above-mentioned stations respectively in one place.
At the same event, The prince and the princess of Kingdom Media are crowned who enjoys the best advertising honorably for both Kingdom TV and Kingdom FM the advertising package for the two is over 2.5bn and 850 million respectively which they attained whole year while advertising on both channels at a relatively cheap price after auctioning.
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Kingdom media announce dates for “Ensisinkano 2024”

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