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Beyoncé Hires Kobe Byrant’s Daughter Natalia As Renaissance Intern


While Beyonce’s having a summer World Tour she’s giving Natalia Bryant a summer job the 41 year old singer released the full list of people credited for working on her ongoing Renaissance World Tour and the late Kobe Bryant’s eldest daughter is listed as an intern the 20 year old USC student is

Interning for Parkwood entertainment which is Beyonce’s record label and management company that she founded in 2010. this isn’t the first time Queen B and Natalya have worked together the model appeared in the break my soul songstress is November 2021 Adidas Ivy Park campaign video and praised her quote

Auntie Bibi in an Instagram post at the time writing in part I’m so excited to be a part of the new Ivy Park campaign love you so much ante Bibi Natalya is definitely a part of the beehive Access Hollywood chatted with the fashionista back in November at the

2022 fashion Awards and she revealed she would love to raid Beyonce’s closet after sharing all about life at college and her mom Vanessa Bryant visiting her how a sophomore year going at USC it is amazing I honestly I wouldn’t want anything else I’m loving every second of

It and your mom can we talk about parents weekend who had more fun you or your mom I think it’s a good balance I think we both had so much fun together and I’m so happy that she was able to make it so we had the best

Time I love her oh she’s like I think you hit like three sororities one fraternity is she all about it it’s so funny and well my mom didn’t go to college so I’m so happy she was able to like get the college experience and we had so much fun together

You’re showing her the robes which I think is so so fun you guys are adorable together I love the posts everyone’s like you took your mom to the rest like yet like why not we had so much fun I love that um you recently did a Levi’s

Campaign with Haley Bieber how was that were you Fanning out at all have you met her before I mean I have I met I have met her a few times before that but honestly it was just the fact that I was able to encourage other people my age to

Vote is that speaks so much more to me and in a great group of people to do that with two a group of people I mean Haley and Quanah love them both um Lenny’s getting the fashion icon award JLo Rihanna Beyonce Zendaya some Heavy Hitters of the past whose closet would

You most want to raid out of the four are you know what I would say I would want to raid Beyonce’s closet she’s got so much style and I think everything that she’s ever worn is just so cool I don’t know how I don’t know how to put in some words

Other than that she’s just so cool you know she’s that girl well I’ll pass along the message maybe she’ll let you borrow something maybe for the next Met Gala are you hoping to go again this year I hope so help

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    This is a very interesting story. I hope everything goes well for her. 👍👍👍🌟🌹

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