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Lizzo Asks Fans To Stop Bringing Chris Evans Pictures To Tour


Lizzo has made it clear that she is committed to her current boyfriend the singer has issued a humorous public service announcement to her fans about how they should behave accordingly in an Instagram post on Friday lizzo paused her concert to Express gratitude to her fans in the audience

More specifically she thanked the fans who brought posters of her boyfriend after Mike Wright she shared an incident from a previous show as well apparently she had to address some fans who kept bringing posters of Captain America actor Chris Evans Chris Evans is not my man my man is Mike Wright lizzo clarified

He’s incredibly attractive and I want to see his handsome face when I’m on stage however she captioned the video with a playful plea to her fans in it she asked them not to bring giant pictures of her boyfriend since she doesn’t have enough storage she did take the time to thank specific

Fans named Renee and Lucy though it is understandable why fans would be bringing pictures of Chris Evans however it is worth noting that lizzo has had a history of mentioning Chris Evans in 2021 she posted a Tick-Tock video titled don’t drink DM in the video she confessed that after

Having a few drinks she sent a direct message to the Marvel actor she said that she may or may not have been flirting with him lizzo expressed her disappointment because she knew she couldn’t marry him and praised his rare qualities to her surprise Chris Evans responded to her message and showed kindness

Lizzo updated her Tick Tock followers revealing that he followed her back on Instagram and wrote no shame in a drunk DM God knows I’ve done worse on this app lizzo has never been shy about her admiration for Chris Evans in 2019 when lizzo shared a video of a young girl showcasing impressive dance

Moves to her song juice Chris Evans retweeted the post commenting that the kid was cooler than he could ever hope to be lizzo playfully responded wow marry me what do you think of lizzo’s latest funny statement let us know in the comments and stay tuned too

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