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Beyonce’s Renaissance Movie Is One Of The Biggest Concert Films Ever


Everything Beyonce does is larger than life so why would her recently released concert film be any different last year she took a big swing with the house and dance themed album Renaissance the project was her first since 2016’s lemonade and turned out to be a smash Success With both fans and

Critics so earlier this year when it came time to embark on the Renaissance tour she similarly did a big at shows across Europe and North America she unpacked some of her biggest hits to adoring crowds with the concerts grabbing headline news nearly every night it’s no surprise that Beyonce captured the glory

Of it all on film that eventually became the Renaissance concert film which released in theaters earlier this week unsurprisingly the film soared to impressive box office members right away according to Hip Hop DX despite being out for just half a month it’s already landed among the top five concert films

Of all time her $30 million at the US box office places her alongside Taylor Swift Justin Bieber Michael Jackson and Miley Cyrus in the top five Beyonce’s Renaissance film numbers it’s no surprise that the film is doing so well after the start it got off to the film

Had the biggest December opening weekend of any film in the past 20 years it came just a few weeks after a different concert film achieved similar success much like Beyonce’s Renaissance tour Taylor Swifts ear is tour dominated headlines all year Taylor’s concert film came out a few weeks before Bay and also

Reached astounding levels of success both films had smashed premieres that saw them completely taking over the box office from conventional movies after its first month that the box office had wrapped up she surpassed Justin Bieber to score the highest grossing concert film of all time what do you think of Beyonce’s Renaissance

Film cracking the top five highest grossing concert film of all time in just a few weeks let us know in the comment section below

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